Motion Capture

Motion Capture is the art and science of recording human (or other) motion and translating it onto a Computer Graphic model or "rig."
I've been using Motion Capture since 2000, when I first did tests to define the motion and character of an aborted WonderWoman film.
Note that we've taken several smaller Motion Capture 'clips' and seamed them together with keyframe animation, so as to create extended maneuvers.

 We utilized Motion Capture to blend into the Live Action once Josh Lucas reaches the top of the first flight of stairs, and for all of the extras on the exterior ship shots on the Warner Bros. film, Poseidon .

 For GI Joe, we did several days of Motion Capture for the two Accelrator Characters, Channing Tatum & Marlon Wayons ("Duke" & "Ripcord," respectively).
This was, once again, another hybrid use of Motion Capture and excellent Keyframe Animation to create the Hyper-Real motion of these characters.
That is to say, we needed them to run faster, jump higher & farther, take a severe hit, and otherwise do things that we mere humans cannot do.

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